Server Side VPN

Access the World Wide Web from any device at any
place. Own your own data without getting worried
about data loss, identity theft, and unsafe connections.


Internet Surfing Made Safer

Don’t let others sneak peek into what you do online. Browse the Internet
anonymously without getting stalked and keep your digital lifestyle safe.


Apps and Game Development

Be it an app idea or a game concept, we can blow a new life into it. With our
robust, scalable and budget friendly development solutions, we make a difference.


Who we are

Server Side Development is a complete VPN and digital development solution where you avail a greater control on your online data, payment information and virtual networking environment. Our prime priority is to protecting the digital footprints of our online citizens without costing them a foot in exchange.

Our Mission

We want to make people more security conscious about their personal data, pictures and other financial details.

Our values

To us, having privacy is a human right and thus we believe that whatever you do online should be your sole concern.

Our Vision

We envisage a safer and more secure World Wide Web in the near future on a corporate as well as personal scale.

our services

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New Technology Trend

According to today’s pace of modernization, it is indispensable to synchronize with the amelioration and drastic boost of technology in order to retain the significant share of the market. Nonetheless, it helps in keeping the customers/ consumers updated with latest technology trends.

Integrated Technology

Technology integration is the use of technology tools in general content areas in education in order to allow students to apply computer and technology skills to learning and problem-solving. Generally speaking, the curriculum drives the use oftechnology and not vice versa.


Secure, Encrypted Data

Your web browsers know more than enough about you and they are bad at keeping it a secret. Our secure solutions keep your data from prying eyes.


Access your data from any corner of the Earth at any time. Just save your data to your personal cloud and take it with you wherever you go.

Faster Streaming

Tired of that never ending streaming? Store your music and movies on local servers to access them whenever you want to without delay.

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Customer Reviews

They have exceptionally fast connectivity speed. Servers are kept really secure without compromising on the speed. The VPN service is superb; it will give you 100% anonymity while surfing and above all everything is encrypted.

Bella Stewart

The more we are becoming addicted to the internet, the more vulnerable we are against online scams. Server Side Development offers reliable services that help us control our online privacy.

Macy Smith

I’m a travel enthusiast, thus I need to access my content wherever I go that is quite often and surprisingly limited in some states. For almost a year, Server Side Development has been my travel partner that helps me use and upload my data to my personal cloud with great ease. Thank you, guys!

Joe Samuel

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