Server Side Development has experience in providing IT services ranging from small businesses to offering technical support on small or large issues. Our goal is to make sure that every company should have an IT staff.

Our team offers custom IT solutions to meet the demands of varied customers. Once a project is assigned to our server developers, they gather a lot of information about the solutions that would best suit your company within the given time and budget limits. After the project is completed and all custom solutions are in place, we also offer software maintenance and platform based customization.

If you’re starting a new business or are a small business in need of some IT solutions, Server Side is the place to contact. We emphasize on the importance of having different IT platforms no matter what kind of business you have. Our team of experienced developers can design systems, applications and even personal servers.

Just to make it easy for you as to what we offer, here’s some of our services…

personal clouds accessible anywhere in the world: This particular model of cloud computing offers additional security that is ideal for any organization or enterprise that needs to store private data and make it safe to access anywhere.

for a business or home user: VPN is a secure tunnel between your PC or laptop and the websites you visit over the internet. As online surveillance efforts have been increased by governments, it has become important to protect your online privacy while using VPN.

routers, servers: Our team will build an Internet community just at your home. Creating the perfect yet simple infrastructure for a layman to use and connecting routers with servers; we’ll do it all.

source of boosting your day with energy these days. Our cloud servers make streaming your personal music collection without the need of an external service (i.e., Spotify, Pandora, etc.) a breeze.

will make it easy to secure communications via email, online documents, pictures and social media platforms.

Along with getting a website for your business, mobile applications have become as much necessary these days. Smartphones have made it able to carry everything in your palm. Our developers will understand your requirements and create a mobile app that is easy for the eyes and simple to use.

Target the gaming market by developing interactive games that are both computer and mobile compatible.

There are 5 basic steps to secure your files i.e. encryption, user management, compliance, updates and maintenance, and file lifecycle management.

Build your dream media center and get the feeling of being in a cinema or a music concert within the comfort and solitude of your home.

You can visit our offices or give us a call to have a chat with our developers and discuss your IT needs in detail.

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