Our History

Server Side Development, as a mutual effort of two professionals in 2012, started on the initiative of making internet security and privacy affordable as well as accessible to every single entity, both individuals and enterprises.
There are a number of ways to apply server support to people. Many companies can benefit from the added security as well as the ability to control their own data as opposed to entrusting all of its private data to the cloud. This can help secure intellectual property which, if not done, can lead to a tremendous loss of a company’s ability to be unique and distinct in their respective fields.

Our belief

Server Side Development promotes the idea that intranets, and not internet services, are what companies should be using to run their businesses. Intranets give an added level of security that cloud-based services simply cannot provide. It is integral that customers understand the importance of owning their own data, customer records, client data etc.

Security for Us – The Social Animals

The modern world has overly invested in providing services, mostly free. The reliance on media streaming services (Spotify, Netflix, Bx mc etc.) is akin to giving all of your VHS tapes to your friend and taking them back when you need.

Server Side Development focuses on promoting the idea of owning your own data.

We help people save their media files (movies, music and pictures) on their local servers so that whenever their internet goes down or when they are in the limited internet zone; they can get a complete access to their own data. Even if the movie streaming sites are taken down, viewers can easily watch any media of their choice whenever they want to.

We leverage the most advanced VPN solutions and technology to make data security more convenient, affordable and easy to integrate into our daily lives.

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