Our Services

Cloud Services

Develop and deploy heavy apps to your very own business cloud with Side Server Development in a few clicks and access your files and solutions from anywhere on Earth. Let your business evolve with a proven cloud technology for utmost agility and business speed. Forget about the risks of your data loss, since Server Side Development has got you covered.

VPN Solutions

Stay secure across the digital world. Browse the internet while being anonymous with our VPN solutions. With a multi-layered security system, you never have to compromise on cyber security or the service speed. You can change your IP with ours in a few seconds to access blocked content.

Encryption of Data

The data saved on your server will be completely encrypted with no logs saved, and thus literally nobody, not even us, can access it. With such a full-proof security, it may take ages to breach to your digital privacy!

Infrastructure and Server Installation

Let Server Side Development keep your business data secure with server installation services. Our experts will assist you in setting up a safe and reliable network to keep your business running. Moreover, you can also have helpful insights and guidance to keep your system malware-free and secure.

Personal Streaming

One of the many services that we provide to our customers is “streaming service” for viewers across the globe. You can store terabytes of media on our cloud servers so that you can access and watch your media files whenever you like, wherever you like without being dependent on a working Internet connection.

Mobile Application Development

Get access to your customer’s phones with a robust and engaging app that your users would love to download. We can also build scalable enterprise app that will facilitate your business processes while increasing the productivity level. Be it iOS, Android, or Windows; look no further than Server Side Development.

Game Applications Development

Captivate your customers in a fun way. We can develop games that entice, excite and engage your customers to the extreme. Our game developers are aware of every twist and turn of successful games and thus can create games that can make your business stand apart in the market.

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